The Birth Of Adam
The feathers and the snail shells are real objects that I scanned. The other images were collected on the internet…

Angel Of Mercy
I think the original painting is called ‘Immaculate Conception’… The snail shell at the bottom was scanned in and the other images collected on the internet. the wings are from Nirvana’s In Utero.

It's Pizza Time - with George W. Bush
President Bush, accompanied by Chabad Rabbis, is seen in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, Tuesday, April 15, 2008, after signing the Honor of Education and Sharing Day Proclamation. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

After signing the proclamation, They celebrated by ordering a one large 3-topping pizza from Papa John’s, as well as one-half gallon of 100% Lactose Free Fat Free Milk with Vitamins A & D. (AP Photo Manipulated by: Shaun Wright)

Ex-President Bush was heard mumbling in Hebrew, “Hurry up with the pictures, @%(@)&, The Pizza’s getting cold.”

Miami Herald Shaun Wright
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I found out today that I made the front page of the Miami Herald. I knew the reporter was taking pictures and asking question, but I never thought it would end up on the front page. I need to get a hard copy of this paper, can anyone save one for me?

The Hard Copy reads:


South Florida’s own Shaun Wright, saves boy from becoming Alligator’s lunch.

Associated Press

EVERGLADES – Roberto Perez, 8 years old, was enjoying a visit to
Chekika Park in the everglades with his family, when he wandered
too close to the lake. The boy was snatched by an 8.5 ft alligator,
and taken to the bottom of the lake.
Shaun Wright, a recent FIU graduate, and an independent
research scientist, heard the boy’s screams from the nearby
hammock trail where he was conducting field tests.
Without hesitation, Shaun rushed to the lake and dove in, and
moments later, witnesses say, he brought Roberto Perez to the
safety of his family, and dove back into the lake to kill the
It is known that once an alligator has tasted human blood,
it is never satisfied with any other.
Hours later, the Perez family and Shaun Wright were enjoying
some BBQ alligator. “…I just wanted to teach the other alligators a
lesson, so I had to…”


luckily the miami herald didn’t get their hands on this photograph of me fighting a mutant hybrid lizard/gator/man monster thing, and saving my unconscious soldier friend who lay at my feet.

Thanks to Sir Vance who was quick enough with his camera phone to snap this picture right before I put an end to this gruesome creature’s life.

Yes, we ate it.

Kids eating fruit